Product Spotlight – Tiered Drawers from Rev-A-Shelf

Rev-A-Shelf tiered drawers

Have you ever wanted to better organize those kitchen drawers riddled with cutlery, utensils or even those trendy K-cups? Perhaps you want to remove these items from your counter space to create a de-cluttered and clean look. These drawer systems from Rev-A-Shelf® are a great and inexpensive way to do all of the above!

Tiered Double Cutlery Drawers

2-tiered cutlery drawer from Rev-A-Shelf

With these models, you can easily double the storage capacity of your old drawer. Installation is simple and the box comes pre-assembled – Just add your old drawer front!

Designed for 15″, 18″, 21″, and 24″ base cabinets, these drawers are also available with the concealed BLUMOTION soft-close under-mount slides.

There are also tiered combination drawers for 30″ and 36″ cabinets. These come with a built-in steak knife organizers, so you can do away with that bulky knife block that takes up all that counter space.

Tiered K-Cup Drawers

Tiered K-Cup Drawer

Similar to the tiered cutlery drawers, these units are pre-assembled, easy to install and again, require a simple swap out of the original drawer front.

Keep up to 40 K-cups nice and organized in the recessed top tray slider. And with 7 storage compartments in the second tier for sugar, spoons, creamer etc., you can create your own custom beverage station.

If these 2-tier-style drawers don’t interest you, tray inserts are still a viable option and there are many types of these inserts available out there – especially from Rev-A-Shelf®.

Want one?

Like the double tiered system? Click the Rev-A-Shelf® Logo below for more information, or contact us and talk with a designer about implementing it into your kitchen! Also make sure to look at all of the other storage solutions offered by Rev-A-Shelf®.

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